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Laminated FoF plywood

Our plant offers you to purchase FK plywood on favorable terms. This product is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain and operate. It is suitable for premises with low humidity, including children’s rooms, offices, and medical facilities. If you are not sure which grade of plywood you need, call or email us. Our staff members will advise you. 




We design and manufacture items

to order from one-piece work to a full batch and in compliance with all quality standards.



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We design and manufacture items

to order from one-piece work to a full batch and in compliance with all quality standards.

Scope of application

FK plywood is used for interior furnishing. It is commonly utilized as a base layer underneath linoleum, laminated flooring, etc. Be aware! The grade of plywood plays an important role here, because if you use lower grade plywood (one that contains knots, cracks, or chips), for instance, underneath linoleum, then all these defects (as specified by GOST and technical guidance) will become noticeable, causing dents in linoleum over time. It means that to maintain and extend durability, it is better to use higher grades of plywood for underlaying linoleum and other soft materials.

Design features

The design of bellows expansion joints for heating standpipes takes into account the specifics of operational tasks and installation sites. These devices are designed to work in compression and elongation modes. The key structural element of this expansion joint model is a multi-layer bellows made of high-alloy stainless steel.

The design of expansion joints allows their use at operating environment temperatures up to +150°C (water) and +200°C (steam heating systems).

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