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What type of plywood to use?
What is plywood? It is a wooden sheet material produced by cross-gluing several layers of wood veneer....
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Блок о компании

We are Chelyabinsk Woodworking Plant LLP, which has relatively recently started its work but already established a reputation as a high-quality plywood manufacturer! Our plywood is produced in strict compliance with all GOST standards and technical specification. We have all the necessary quality certificates and declarations of conformance. Thus, we provide you with only high-quality and trusted products.

Warehouse for manufactured products
Varieties of plywood
Trusted logistics companies collaborating with us
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Goods in stock are shipped on the next after payment receipt. If goods need to be manufactured, then the average production period is 1.5 months

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Our company manufactures and delivers high-quality plywood anywhere in the world. To receive an individual quote, please submit your request below

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